Final article:Beacon of Hope
While ‘e&f’ ceases to publish, the mother-magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’ will continue

Thank you and goodbye.

70 years 'Human Action':My Path to the Austrian School of Economics
Speech given on November 23rd 2019 at the jubilee conference in the Palais Coburg, Vienna

The doyen of Austrian Economics recalls how and why he rejected the logical positivism of Karl Popper and adopted the apriorism of Ludwig von Mises instead.

Conservative critique of neoliberalism:Just One Small Step From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Anyone who wants state social security must love the Federal Republic of Germany

It’s not unusual to find conservative contemporaries who complain that culture has been going downhill since the French Revolution, and then complain about welfare reforms and demand higher social benefits, without being aware of the contradiction or even comedy of this attitude.

Commemorative concert with Gregor Gysi as speaker:A Mockery of the Peaceful Revolution 1989
He saved his totalitarian party from its deserved demise

Leipzig, of all places, is now the source of a monstrous falsification of history.

‘BirthStrike’:The Green Path
Europe is to become an underdeveloped continent, saved from the white man

Some women are brainwashed victims of the contemporary ecological ideology that has been circulating in the Western world.

Civic anarchism:Banana Republic
About the German form of state

Election by the supporters of a party of minions does not provide legitimation to govern.

A guide to realism:The Alternative to Manic-Depressive Insanity
Disillusion yourself, before life does it for you

Naivety and goodness of heart often go together, as do cynicism and intelligence. It's the balance between these two extremes that matters.

Marginalia:Environmentalism as Romantic Reaction
Concerning a human alternative to politicized ecology

Blame Jean-Jacques Rousseau for ‘Deep Ecology,’ which equates humans with mosquitoes and ultimately calls for mass suicide.

Book review:Just Not State!
Self-Ownership, Ethics, and the Constitution of the Private Law Society

The author, Peter J. Preusse, attempts to expand the Austrian theory of economics and ethics by adding the element of equality among humans.

Marginalia:A Marxist Analysis of Marxism?
On sham and genuine class struggles

Marx got some things right - but those ideas were not his.

The Individual, Society, and the State:Is ‘Society’ a Mere Phantom?
The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The crucial point is whether the society is voluntary or not.

Two illusory libertarian strategies:Use the State to Abolish the State?
Parallels to Marxist tactics

Whoever assumes state power will not remove it but become part of it.

Pinker versus Anarchy:Are Tyrants the Lesser Evil?
The state doesn't reduce violence, it increases it

Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker claims that even the worst state is better than no state at all. Stefan Blankertz says he is dead wrong, and explains why.

Civic anarchism:The Constitutional State As a Trap
Until the victim falls in, it remains inconspicuous and friendly

A constitution is a great idea, until you realize who makes the laws.

Civic anarchism:I Believe in the State
On politics and religion

The state wants more than faith. It wants obedience.

Marginalia:Democracy and Prosperity
On a disastrous confusion of cause and effect

A confusion that can even lead to civil war.

Statecraft and creativity:Limited Spaces Call for Limitless Thoughts
Living in a small state is no longer a disadvantage

The smaller a state and its authority are, the more insignificant and ineffectual are the points where uncontrollable and thus ungovernable disruptive forces can act.