Stefan Blankertz

Stefan Blankertz, born 1956 in West Germany, is a sociologist, educator, theorist of gestalt therapy, management trainer and author as well as editorial adviser of the journal 'eigentümlich frei.'

The Individual, Society, and the State:Is ‘Society’ a Mere Phantom?
The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The crucial point is whether the society is voluntary or not.

Two illusory libertarian strategies:Use the State to Abolish the State?
Parallels to Marxist tactics

Whoever assumes state power will not remove it but become part of it.

Pinker versus Anarchy:Are Tyrants the Lesser Evil?
The state doesn't reduce violence, it increases it

Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker claims that even the worst state is better than no state at all. Stefan Blankertz says he is dead wrong, and explains why.

Taking stock of Donald Trump’s time in office:A Competition of Crooks
Not a different sort of politics is the answer, but no politics at all

"He's not going to be so bad, he doesn't really mean it." Oh yes he is, oh yes he does.

Education policy:Development of Schools Without State Would Have Been Possible
The Legacy of August Hermann Francke

In retrospect, Francke's apolitical attitude is staggering and, transposed to the modern day, quite revolutionary.