Final article:Beacon of Hope
While ‘e&f’ ceases to publish, the mother-magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’ will continue

Thank you and goodbye.

Euro monetary policy:The owl has landed: Lagarde’s new vision for the ECB
A preening bird beats about the bush

It would be a mistake to assume that we’ve already seen the worst of it when it comes to monetary interventions.

A German diary:Rosa Parks in the Advent calendar
Not everyone is a hero

Running with the crowd is the new rebelliousness.

Civic anarchism:Young Hare by Albrecht Dürer
When truth is locked away in the cellar

People could be infected by Dürer's view of the truth and suddenly see the world as it is and not as they are being led to believe.

Endangered gestures:Saying Farewell
In the age of WhatsApp and Instagram, we have forgotten how it's done

We don’t like to be reminded of the final farewell.

Experience on a Berlin Christmas market:A Curse on the Destroyers of Our Way of Life!
Nothing is as it once was

The question is not whether the next attack is coming, but when.

Book review of ‘The Madness of Crowds’:Let’s Enter the Culture War!
Douglas Murray speaks up for the West

The British author should not be left fighting on his own.

70 years 'Human Action':My Path to the Austrian School of Economics
Speech given on November 23rd 2019 at the jubilee conference in the Palais Coburg, Vienna

The doyen of Austrian Economics recalls how and why he rejected the logical positivism of Karl Popper and adopted the apriorism of Ludwig von Mises instead.

Financial Stability Review:The ECB’s “mea culpa”
The Euro area remains sluggish

On top of monetary excesses, the road is now being paved for fiscal ones too.

Hubris in science:All-Clear – Climate Still Under Control
However, one climatologist is losing it

Now we know: The climate is being operated from Potsdam, Germany.

Collectivist ideas:The Mania of Collective Power
It ends in terror and blood and is called ‘virtue’ and ‘morality’

Collectivist ideas result from narcissism of people who have ‘progressively’ detached and ‘emancipated’ themselves from all that has been tried and tested.

Debating the GDR:Injustice State and Antifa “Justice”
Rare pushback in a country conditioned by red-green ideology

The communist leaders who returned to the East Zone from Soviet exile in 1945 to bring socialism to Germany knew from their own experience that the Stalinist system was a murderous one. Nevertheless, they acted as his satraps.

Reason for the success of ‘Fridays for Future’:Children of Privilege
Risk-free rebellion

These aren't rebels, they're conformists.

Open letter to Greta Thunberg:The Climate Emergency Exists Only in Your Head!
How dare you speak of a “stolen childhood”?

The politicians are not interested in your welfare

Significant disparities between the east and west of Germany:Why the East is Different
Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall there are still traces of German division

The East Germans learned over decades to mistrust their media and to read between the lines. The West Germans never did.

Libertarian Youtubers:The Vloggers Are Fired Up
A bubbling spring in an ambitious alternative media environment

Imagine there’s public radio and television and nobody’s tuning in anymore!

Conservative critique of neoliberalism:Just One Small Step From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Anyone who wants state social security must love the Federal Republic of Germany

It’s not unusual to find conservative contemporaries who complain that culture has been going downhill since the French Revolution, and then complain about welfare reforms and demand higher social benefits, without being aware of the contradiction or even comedy of this attitude.

30 years after the ‘turnaround’:The smoldering conflict
The AfD is riding high before crucial east German state elections

Slogans like “Complete the turnaround!” and “Then as now. We are the people” evoke associations with the upheaval of 1989.

The German Chancellor's policies:An Affliction Called Merkel
What’s driving her?

The worst visitations often come in the guise of supposed harmlessness.

On the eve of state elections in Saxony:You Forgot Decency, Michael
Does he want a coalition with the ex-SED?

Merkel’s CDU is no longer the party of Adenauer and Kohl. It’s a chimera.

Endangered gestures:Drinking a Sundowner
Marking boundaries in life is important

If everything is relative, drinking becomes dangerous.

Praise for the Chancellor on her birthday:Merkel Trembling Hard
She’ll go down in the history books as the destroyer of her country

Germany is now “largely isolated and hated” again.

New German megalomania:From A High Horse
Politicians, journalists, churches and even business representatives treat migrant ship captain as a quasi-saint

German hyper-morality, born as a reaction against the amoral Nazi past, has turned into a turned into a “moral imperialism”.

Contemplating the near future:When the Night is Darkest, Daybreak is Closest
Mainstream politics is showing signs of weakness, even panic

Editorial for this summer’s double edition of eigentümlich frei

Witch-hunt against the Right:Acute Panic in the Establishment
The third German ideological state has begun

Germany is releasing its neo-totalitarian potential.