Claudio Grass

Claudio Grass is an independent precious metals consultant from Switzerland serving clients around the world. He is also an ambassador of the Mises Institute, Auburn (AL), USA.

Euro monetary policy:The owl has landed: Lagarde’s new vision for the ECB
A preening bird beats about the bush

It would be a mistake to assume that we’ve already seen the worst of it when it comes to monetary interventions.

Financial Stability Review:The ECB’s “mea culpa”
The Euro area remains sluggish

On top of monetary excesses, the road is now being paved for fiscal ones too.

German pension system:Private Insurance for Uncertain Times
Precious metals and diversification

Claudio Grass talks to Carlos A. Gebauer, part 2

German pension system:“You can’t eat a cake that has not even been baked yet”
Old age poverty is on the rise

Claudio Grass talks to Carlos A. Gebauer, part 1

Sound money:A Biblical Perspective – Part II
Weight is more constant than currency

The value of gold and silver is assigned by their own nature. Everything else is measured against a certain weight of these metals. Or should be.

Sound money:A Biblical Perspective – Part I
Even in Genesis, gold is declared to be "good"

Even a hardcore atheist should read this article with an open mind.

Today's EU:The Embodiment of Bureaucratic Hubris
15 percent of Eurozone companies are "zombies" and will fall in a big wave of defaults

"The entire equity capital of the Euro-zone banking system will be burned up in a matter of months."

Brexit:A Country Divided
The UK will eventually regain its national sovereignty, one way or another

Dissatisfaction with Brussels will continue to get louder all over the continent.