David Dürr

David Dürr, born in Switzerland, is a business counsel and notary in Basel, Switzerland and a law professor at the University of Zürich.

Civic anarchism:Young Hare by Albrecht Dürer
When truth is locked away in the cellar

People could be infected by Dürer's view of the truth and suddenly see the world as it is and not as they are being led to believe.

Civic anarchism:Brexit – What’s That All About?
An attempt at an explanation that my grandson at any rate understands

Some things are so easy that only children can understand them.

Civic anarchism:Concerning Spain versus Catalonia
A farcical court case

The judges are employed by one of the two parties to the dispute.

Civic anarchism:Banana Republic
About the German form of state

Election by the supporters of a party of minions does not provide legitimation to govern.

Civic anarchism:Class Action Lawsuit Against the State
Why for once we could be thankful for the EU

Let's apply this new law to governments.

Civic anarchism:The Constitutional State As a Trap
Until the victim falls in, it remains inconspicuous and friendly

A constitution is a great idea, until you realize who makes the laws.

Civic anarchism:I Believe in the State
On politics and religion

The state wants more than faith. It wants obedience.

Civic anarchism:The Spectre of Secession
What’s haunting Europe?

When people want something completely innocent like a secession, strange things happen.