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Robert Grözinger, born 1965 in West Germany, editor-in-chief of 'equity & freedom.' Economist, author and translator. He lives in Somerset, England.

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Final article:Beacon of Hope

While ‘e&f’ ceases to publish, the mother-magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’ will continue

‘equity & freedom’ has been online now for more than two years. As an English language offshoot of the unique German libertarian magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’, its purpose was to offer our views on events, especially in Germany and the rest of Europe, to readers in the United States, the United Kingdom and anywhere else outside German-speaking countries. We also translated and published important German language articles worth reading from other alternative, libertarian or conservative journals.

During those two years, we published 150 articles. They will remain online for the foreseeable future. However, we will cease publishing any further articles here. Demand for such articles has remained lower than anticipated. We thank every one of our readers, especially the regular and loyal ones. We hope they will find other ways to keep themselves informed about the current situation in Germany and the rest of Europe. It will continue to be ‘interesting’, as individual freedom is deteriorating on a daily basis, despite occasional hope-inducing movements in the opposite direction.

Certainly, the mother-magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’ is thriving and remains a strong beacon of hope for every libertarian and any other generally civilized person anywhere.

Best wishes,

Robert Grözinger


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