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David Dürr, born in Switzerland, is a business counsel and notary in Basel, Switzerland and a law professor at the University of Zürich.

Source: shutterstock The difference between the Republics of Congo and Germany: In the former, bananas are produced; in the latter, they are consumed.

Civic anarchism:Banana Republic

About the German form of state

Do you know the difference between Venezuela, the Congo and Germany? There is none. All three are republics: the ‘Democratic Republic of Congo,’ the ‘Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’ and the ‘Federal Republic of Germany.’ By ‘republic’ – literally from Latin: public affair – we understand a form of government in which the public, that is the people, is in charge. And this is precisely the case in Venezuela, the Congo and Germany.

But be honest! Didn't you think just now that there is a difference between Germany and those veritable banana republics when you think of the political debacles that are currently taking place in Venezuela and the Congo? And if so, what actually is a ‘banana republic’? And why should Venezuela and the Congo be such a thing, but Germany not?

The peculiar culinary-political term refers to a corrupt pseudo-republic of the kind that supposedly exists somewhat clichéd among banana-exporting countries in Africa and Central America – where irresponsible clans, eager only to gain power for themselves, do nothing but fight among each other for the most powerful position in the country. Those who finally win the battle are not interested in what the people want, but only in what they and their minions want, especially when it comes to the question of where the money goes, that was earned in that country. And whoever loses the fight is put on trial. These are, in a nutshell, the main features of a banana republic.

This obviously applies to Venezuela and the Congo: Maduro and Guaidó or Tshisekedi and Fayulu are fighting for the respective presidency. Each claims he is the right one and the other is the wrong one. Each threatens the other with arrest and trial. Everyone is already looking forward to distributing as much tax money as possible to himself and his minions in the event of victory, to those who elected him not least for this reason. Quite apart from the fundamental problem that the election by the supporters of such a party of minions does not provide the slightest legitimation to govern the whole country. As I said, a typical banana republic.

And Germany? In the last elections the clans of the black, the yellow, the green and the red parties and those of other colors fought for the most powerful position in the country. Each of these clans claimed it was the right one and that all the others were wrong. However, this did not prevent some from joining forces with opponents, without any inhibitions, just to secure power. The victorious power coalition is now promptly seeking a way to prove the unconstitutionality of a defeated clan, the blue (AfD) clan. It is also busy putting huge amounts of taxpayers' money into the eco, social and political correctness programs of its minion parties. Quite apart from the fundamental problem that the election by the supporters of such parties does not provide the slightest legitimacy to govern the whole country. As I said: a typical banana republic. Switzerland, by the way, where I come from, is no better – it’s a typical banana confederation!

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published in issue no. 190, March 2019.

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