Why e&f?

Welcome to e&f – equity & freedom! Here, you’ll find commentary written from a perspective you’ve probably not come across before, written by some of the most original libertarian and conservative thinkers from the German-speaking world. Allow us to introduce you to the most important central European, mostly German, alternative authors and their views on developments in the western, and wider, world.

‘e&f – equity and freedom’ is the new venture, in English, of the German journal ef – eigentümlich frei, which was founded in 1998. A small but well crafted magazine which has grown continuously for 20 years and has created some buzz back home. Here is a sample of what others have written about us:

“You’ve never read anything like this before” - Der Selbständige

“An iconic opinion journal ” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Passion for provocation” - Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Unrivaled” - Das Parlament

We now want to offer our views to readers in the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the English-speaking world. We, that is the authors who work with the founder and publisher of eigentümlich frei, André F. Lichtschlag, and the editor-in-chief and head translator of equity & freedom, Robert Grözinger. Robert has dual German/British nationality, lives in Somerset, England, and has been writing for ef for many years.

We also want to translate and publish important German language articles worth reading from other alternative, libertarian or conservative journals.

e&f is issued by a small independent publisher. Like our German language journal over the past 20 years, ‘equity and freedom’ can and should grow continuously with the help of its readers and users. We will start with one article per week, and with the help of our readers aim to increase our output rapidly. If you like our offer, please help us with a one-off or regular contribution, so that we can expand this service for you.

With your help, an original, fresh, independent, new voice for equity and freedom will get off to a good start. Stay tuned!