Robert Grözinger

Robert Grözinger, born 1965 in West Germany, editor-in-chief of 'equity & freedom.' Economist, author and translator. He lives in Somerset, England.

Final article:Beacon of Hope
While ‘e&f’ ceases to publish, the mother-magazine ‘eigentümlich frei’ will continue

Thank you and goodbye.

Hubris in science:All-Clear – Climate Still Under Control
However, one climatologist is losing it

Now we know: The climate is being operated from Potsdam, Germany.

Murdered official:German Establishment in Panic Mode
Sliding ever faster towards totalitarianism

The German ruling class are calling for stripping anyone they consider to be a right-wing ‘extremist’ of their fundamental rights.

Prestigious prize:Hans-Hermann Hoppe wins Roland Baader Award 2019
Thanks to the interdisciplinary academic, the Austrian School of Economics is taking root in Europe

The creator of the Property and Freedom Society reaches a large audience beyond academic circles.

Award-winning fake news at ‘Der Spiegel’:The ‘Entitlement’ to Lie
The main cause is a strong and all-pervading, interfering state

Many journalists imagine themselves being philosopher kings, allowed to tell 'noble lies'.

Book review:Just Not State!
Self-Ownership, Ethics, and the Constitution of the Private Law Society

The author, Peter J. Preusse, attempts to expand the Austrian theory of economics and ethics by adding the element of equality among humans.

Demonstrations in Chemnitz:The Next Level of Outrage in Germany
Against the government, its failing immigration policy and its lapdog media

20 percent of Germans no longer believe the Ministry of Truth.

“Cool Germany”?:‘The Economist’ imparts drivel
A job advertisement for Merkel’s successor disguised as a bad puff piece for progressivism

The house journal of the 'party of Davos' is hoping for a Germany of immature, foulmouthed virtue-signalers.

Declaration against mass immigration:The Political Tide is Turning in Germany
Against the postmodernist, multiculturalist establishment

What happens when the middle class revolts against the establishment? Germany is about to find out.

Revival of free speech at Speakers’ Corner:Embarrassing Defeat for the British State
And for its ruling class

What happened when someone was denied the right to speak at Speakers' Corner? Someone else took over, and thousands attended.

Prestigious prize:Lew Rockwell wins the ‘Roland Baader Award 2018’
German ‘Institut für Austrian Asset Management’ (IfAAM) honors a great American

A significant and symbolic moment in the history of German and American libertarianism.

The Frankfurt School and the New Left:Sorcerer's Apprentices and Hobgoblins
And the 'terrible waters' they have wrought since 1968.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem of 1797 warned of endless cultural terrorism arising from the French Revolution.

Observing illegal immigration:'Identitarians' make Leviathan jump
The IM produces practical wheat, but theoretical chaff only so far

While achieving a stunning success in the Mediterranean, the Identitarian Movement's political theory is still unclear.