30 years after reunification:A Coup d’État by Stealth?
A green-camouflaged SED strikes back

What the Western citizens completely misjudged at that time was a furious grievance that had been inflicted on all socialists in East and West by that victory of freedom.

Marginalia:Fascists, Fascists Everywhere!
On an unfortunate, ongoing triumph

Stalin issued the first rule of political correctness: All opponents of socialism were to be labeled ‘fascists’ only.

What we can be really proud of:The German Tradition of Freedom
The case for libertarian patriotism

A brilliant, decentralized urban culture.

Education policy:Development of Schools Without State Would Have Been Possible
The Legacy of August Hermann Francke

In retrospect, Francke's apolitical attitude is staggering and, transposed to the modern day, quite revolutionary.