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Selina Wolf, born in West Germany, earns her keep as universal rhetorical weapon in the PR departments of the music industry. As a complete capitalist, she utters her honest opinion on current affairs only if paid. As a complete individualist, she avoids crowds and prefers personal conversation.

Source: amophoto_au / No longer desired at Formula 1: Grid Girls

Political correctness:The End of Formula 1 Grid Girls

The relentless march to the feminist goal

Rosi Jay Pierce is on fire. “It hurts my ears,” she writes, loosely translated, on her Twitter profile about the decision of the Formula 1 authorities to abolish the so-called grid girls. “For decades we've been working to ensure that women can make their own choices in their lives, and now that we have this opportunity, we're taking it away from the women who work as grid girls and replacing them with grid kids.” The Grid Girls are the scantily clad, attractive members of the female sex who present the starting line-up numbers at the race track. Formula 1 marketing director Sean Bratches has recently decided to get rid of them, as they are “no longer appropriate.” From now on, unpaid children will be standing at the race track instead of the well paid models. That should be “an unforgettable experience” for them, Bratches spouted. ‘Der Spiegel’ headlines on their website in an involuntarily comic choice of words: ‘Formula 1 gets running-in children.’

Instead of getting children, Formula 1 should be getting a lot of flack, and is getting it. Rosi Jay Pierce continues angrily on Twitter: “If you ask the Grid Girls themselves, they’ll tell you that the job involved much more than just standing around looking pretty. But even if it were confined to that – who the hell gives others the right to tell them that they can no longer practice this profession? They're adult women who’ve made their own decision.” In addition to Pierce, who works as a fitness coach and has 69,500 subscribers on Youtube, some of the now unemployed Formula 1 ‘number women’ are complaining on Twitter themselves. But what does modern feminism care about a woman's opinion, if she has the wrong consciousness? When do social justice warriors ever care about the opinion of those they claim to be standing up for? The family of the young black boy who wore the ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ sweatshirt in the H&M catalog, recently had to leave their house in Stockholm “on safety grounds,” according to a report in ‘Die Welt.’ The anger of the Afro-American community, above all toward the mother who had ‘sold’ her son, put the family in danger. The fact that the mother herself defended H&M and disagreed with the accusations of racism makes her, in the eyes of those who define themselves in the fight against racism above all by their skin color, a ‘disgrace’ and a traitor.

As the pressure of the politically correct Thought Police increases, we may assume that we in Germany have also experienced the last Carnival Monday with ‘Funkenmariechen’ carnival girls. Young women in short skirts who are heaved up into the air by hefty men are, after all, also positively obscene and inappropriate. Cheerleaders will also have to disappear from our sports stadiums. In future female tennis players should wear loose-fitting shorts instead of skimpy skirts. To women presenters on television, especially those working in pure entertainment, I’d like to point out that clothes emphasizing the feminine shape, and strictly speaking that includes make-up, degrades them to mere reciters of text. Finally, hair should be cut short, at least in the case of blonde women, since psychology teaches us that long (especially blonde) hair sends signals to the male sex that this is a particularly fertile female. In this case, the woman demeans herself to a baby-making machine.

The best thing we could do to further the feminist cause would be to wear a garment that completely covers the female body, so that no woman is in danger of reducing herself – even if only out of ignorance – to her charms. The most progressive forces among Western intellectuals and feminists should begin to develop designs for this purpose. A look at the Middle East (or Neukölln, Berlin) should provide sufficient inspiration.

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on 14th February 2018.

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