Emmanuel Macron and the coach company Flixbus:Life’s Coincidences . . .
How to create demand

There are coincidences in life that are so coincidental that even the casual observer is surprised how coincidental the coincidences are.

Cyber money bubble:Six Reasons Why Crypto Currencies Fail to Meet Expectations
On Bitcoins, frauds and limitations of technology

The enthusiasm of some crypto advocates is naive. The immature technology of the new currencies harbors many pitfalls.

Book Ban:A Fortress Called Amazon
How to Avoid Uncomfortable Questions banned from direct sale all books of one particular publisher. The internet trading giant has otherwise no scruples in distributing the most deviant publications to its clients, from extreme left wing propaganda concoctions to pornographic trash. So the reason for this particular ban must be pretty rock solid, right? Right?

Concealed Censorship:A Castle Called Google
A Kafkasque Dialog

The author tried to find out why some websites had suddenly disappeared from Google News. The answers he received in his dialog with the internet giant are reminiscent of the bizarre short stories of the great novelist Franz Kafka. A reputable company that has written openness and transparency on its banners doesn’t act with such trickery and deviousness. Or does it?