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Monika Haussamann, alias Frank Jordan, born 1974 in Bern, Switzerland, studied Business Studies following a commercial apprenticeship. Thereafter training in PR and print journalism. While studying and writing, she worked as waitress in a Swiss ski resort, as gardener and house sitter, as receptionist in a prestigious Paris hotel and as decorator. Recently she has worked as freelance communications and media consultant in Switzerland. Today Monika Hausamman lives in France as part time self supporter, entrepreneur of house and garden maintanance, columnist and author. Her first novel was published in 2016: Frank Jordan, Die Ministerin. Kein Fall für Carl Brun (Lichtschlag-Verlag).

Source: oneinchpunch / Genocide: Islamist violence

Islamist Violence in Europe:Terrorism? No, Genocide

Terrorists have political aims

We can hardly bear to hear the word ‘terrorism’ anymore. All the more reason to examine it closely. And then we detect that what is happening here, and elsewhere, has nothing to do with terrorism, except in terms of the choice of means. What is actually happening is the continuation of a genocide that elsewhere has been going on for a long time. Why?

The classic terrorist has a political motive, no matter how twisted it may be. The journalist Stefan Frank is right when he writes in the journal ‘factum’ that the murder of Christians and Jews serves no such purpose: it is the purpose. Christians and Jews are murdered by Muslims because they are not Muslims. Children and adolescents are murdered because they, and the children they might one day have, are not Muslims.

According to UN criteria, genocide occurs when, regardless of the number of victims and the length of time over which the following take place, members of a particular group are killed, physically or psychologically harmed, their living conditions are made more difficult and unsustainable, birth-prevention measures are implemented (the killing of adolescents) and children are forced into a certain kind of education. In other words, that what is happening to Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, Nigerian and Kenya.

So let’s stop rambling on about Muslims only fighting back politically and defending themselves, with terrorist means, against what ‘the West’ has done to them, or fighting for a share in our unearned prosperity. This kind of arguing no longer counts when you factor in the slaughtering of Christians in Muslim countries, which doesn’t get reported in the media and is played down by our churches; and the internal plight of Muslims that has lasted 1,400 years. Europeans and others of Christian, Jewish and otherwise ‘false’ faiths will continue to be slaughtered in the future not for what they, or their fathers, have done, or are doing, (in which case a reason-based dialogue would be possible), but exclusively for what they are: Unbelievers, in the sense of the Koran.

It is not terrorism that we see in Europe today, but rather the first manifestations of a genocide that has been gradually spreading over decades. There is no indication at the moment that we can avoid the great storm. Life is just easier when we blindly follow our own sensitivities and the politicians. And as far as the so-called peace-loving moderate majority of Muslims is concerned: You don’t count. You’re irrelevant. Meaning as long as you remain silent and – out of fear of your own people, lack of interest or tacit consent – don’t do all you can to fight back against this killing. And in such a way that everyone can see and hear it. In your thousands.

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on 21st August 2017.

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