A German diary:Lifeless Train Chatter
Scared of the AfD, scared of migrants, scared of life

A bizarre real life scene, reflecting the cultural and intellectual ossification in Germany.

What we can be really proud of:The German Tradition of Freedom
The case for libertarian patriotism

A brilliant, decentralized urban culture.

Freiburg and the dimension of sexual violence:Defenseless Prey
The majority of Germans don’t understand their situation

Perpetrators present themselves and conquerors.

‘Grand Prize for SMEs’:Celebrating Entrepreneurial Success
An all too rare event in Germany

The contrast between the consistently observable lack of vanity of the participants on the one hand and the excellence of their work on the other could hardly have been greater.

Marginalia:Environmentalism as Romantic Reaction
Concerning a human alternative to politicized ecology

Blame Jean-Jacques Rousseau for ‘Deep Ecology,’ which equates humans with mosquitoes and ultimately calls for mass suicide.

Bungling politics:Open Door and High Wall
Why current asylum and refugee laws lead to barriers

Politicians often agree on slick soundbites to create a good image, trusting that no one will be so foolish as to follow through what they have decided to the very last consequence.

Italy and the euro:‘The People’ on the Label, Bankruptcy Inside
Get yourselves some ‘barbarous relics’!

If you walk in the rain, your vision restricted by a raised hood, it's easy to overlook and overhear oncoming traffic. It would be wise to be extra vigilant.

New private college in France:ISSEP – The Academic Counter Revolution
Hotbed of a reverse cultural revolution

Western society is at a dead end. Time to turn back, says Marion Maréchal. The ex-politician has founded a college whose mottos are ‘excellence,’ ‘ethics,’ ‘responsibility,’ ‘rootedness’ and ‘commitment to the service of others and one's own country.’

Merkel’s final days:Will Everything be All Right Again in the End?
Always the same old musings about self-sacrificing politicians

A change at the top does not improve politics. But then, what does?

Endangered gestures:Grinding Coffee
Turning the crank liberates thoughts

What do you do if you run out of coffee in a village which has not seen a Nespresso maker yet? Help is at hand. Literally.

Belief in community after abolishing God:Are We a People?
And if so: what sort?

Without belief in God, we become just a welfare-state people.

A German diary:Auschwitz as Opportunity
Pretending to be gay and a compulsory blood spider

Observing the moral landscape of millennials.

Emmanuel Macron and the coach company Flixbus:Life’s Coincidences . . .
How to create demand

There are coincidences in life that are so coincidental that even the casual observer is surprised how coincidental the coincidences are.

Book review:Just Not State!
Self-Ownership, Ethics, and the Constitution of the Private Law Society

The author, Peter J. Preusse, attempts to expand the Austrian theory of economics and ethics by adding the element of equality among humans.

The media on Chemnitz:New Myths Leveled Against the Right
Rallies critical of the government are scandalized

Immature authors assume the attitude of colonial masters.

'Hunchback' musical in Stuttgart:How the Arts are Contributing to Brainwashing
Criticism contravened the guidelines

Audience reaction to political indoctrination is not always positive.

Traveling through the American West:It Stinks in LA and San Francisco
However, in the end the US might be less threatened by decline than old Europe

Culturally, the US are more divided than Europe. And less.

Demonstrations in Chemnitz:The Next Level of Outrage in Germany
Against the government, its failing immigration policy and its lapdog media

20 percent of Germans no longer believe the Ministry of Truth.

EU plans for ‘completion of the currency union’:Hustling in the Shadow of the Migration ‘Crisis’
Politicians never stop

They know that their window of opportunity is closing.

Marginalia:A Marxist Analysis of Marxism?
On sham and genuine class struggles

Marx got some things right - but those ideas were not his.

Endangered gestures:Turning One’s Hat at the Brim
A suitably protective convention

Individual replacements become pitfalls.

The Individual, Society, and the State:Is ‘Society’ a Mere Phantom?
The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The crucial point is whether the society is voluntary or not.

Siemens CEO Kaeser on AfD leader Alice Weidel:A Hero called Joe
A corporate leader goes astray

Formerly known as Josef Käser, this man signs deals with sheikhs but lambasts the AfD for using supposedly un-PC words.

Trial against Identitarian Movement:Powerless, Distraught, Angry
The court case is the punishment

The authorities can only win, even if they lose legally.