A German diary:
Auschwitz as Opportunity
Pretending to be gay and a compulsory blood spider

Observing the moral landscape of millennials.

Emmanuel Macron and the coach company Flixbus:
Life’s Coincidences . . .
How to create demand

There are coincidences in life that are so coincidental that even the casual observer is surprised how coincidental the coincidences are.

Book review:
Just Not State!
Self-Ownership, Ethics, and the Constitution of the Private Law Society

The author, Peter J. Preusse, attempts to expand the Austrian theory of economics and ethics by adding the element of equality among humans.

The media on Chemnitz:
New Myths Leveled Against the Right
Rallies critical of the government are scandalized

Immature authors assume the attitude of colonial masters.

'Hunchback' musical in Stuttgart:
How the Arts are Contributing to Brainwashing
Criticism contravened the guidelines

Audience reaction to political indoctrination is not always positive.

Traveling through the American West:
It Stinks in LA and San Francisco
However, in the end the US might be less threatened by decline than old Europe

Culturally, the US are more divided than Europe. And less.

Demonstrations in Chemnitz:
The Next Level of Outrage in Germany
Against the government, its failing immigration policy and its lapdog media

20 percent of Germans no longer believe the Ministry of Truth.

EU plans for ‘completion of the currency union’:
Hustling in the Shadow of the Migration ‘Crisis’
Politicians never stop

They know that their window of opportunity is closing.

A Marxist Analysis of Marxism?
On sham and genuine class struggles

Marx got some things right - but those ideas were not his.

Endangered gestures:
Turning One’s Hat at the Brim
A suitably protective convention

Individual replacements become pitfalls.

The Individual, Society, and the State:
Is ‘Society’ a Mere Phantom?
The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The crucial point is whether the society is voluntary or not.

Siemens CEO Kaeser on AfD leader Alice Weidel:
A Hero called Joe
A corporate leader goes astray

Formerly known as Josef Käser, this man signs deals with sheikhs but lambasts the AfD for using supposedly un-PC words.

Trial against Identitarian Movement:
Powerless, Distraught, Angry
The court case is the punishment

The authorities can only win, even if they lose legally.

The case of Özil and Gündoğan at the World Cup:
Market-Compliant Booing and Collective Identity
Fans not only buy the sport, but also the sense of community

The controversy surrounding two German soccer players with Turkish roots reveals that sport is an expression of identity.

US leaving the UNHRC:
Trump as a Chance for Germany
Germans can now ignore the human rights council when setting their immigration policy

Without the weight of the US backing the UN Human Rights Council, countries are liberated from its hyper-morality.

Two illusory libertarian strategies:
Use the State to Abolish the State?
Parallels to Marxist tactics

Whoever assumes state power will not remove it but become part of it.

Central banking system:
How Monetary Absurdity Has Become the New Normal
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

Financial illiteracy aiding and abetting the proliferation of catastrophic monetary policies.

Communication in the Internet era:
The Challenge of Information Overreach
When spreading opinions tips the emotional balance of the masses

We all must learn that our opinions may be flawed.

Trouble in Paradise
How immigration exposes deep cracks in the economy

The state-engineered failure of the Nordic country’s immigration and integration plan.

Civic anarchism:
Class Action Lawsuit Against the State
Why for once we could be thankful for the EU

Let's apply this new law to governments.

Parallels to the end of the GDR:
Angela, it’s over. You have to go
Once again, there is a ‘broad social alliance’

It's déjà vu from 1989 all over again.

State sexism:
What Women Want
Freedom to prove their worth and earn it

Quota requirements and the like destroy the value of women's work.

Spiritual-cultural background of the new east-west conflict:
Millions of Russians Go On a Pilgrimage to St. Nicholas
And what this – possibly – has to do with the future of property and freedom

A lot, as it turns out.

Cyber money bubble:
Six Reasons Why Crypto Currencies Fail to Meet Expectations
On Bitcoins, frauds and limitations of technology

The enthusiasm of some crypto advocates is naive. The immature technology of the new currencies harbors many pitfalls.

Crime statistics and their interpretation:
Media Cheers Versus Reality
How the actual problem is obfuscated

While the mainstream media trumpet that “Germany is safer than it’s ever been in the past 25 years,” the reality is that it's well on its way to turning Jean Raspail’s dark visions.