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Frank W. Haubold, born 1955 in East Germany, has a PhD in computer science and is an author.

Source: shutterstock At the turn of the year: Time to assess the level of madness.

Looking back at 2018:News from the Madhouse

In Germany, insanity has become official policy

A single report may be enough to illustrate the intellectual and cultural state of the German community, which is mutating more and more obviously into a huge open-air madhouse. The Minister of the Interior of the state of Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius, for example, seriously proposed a points system for criminal asylum seekers, with the general idea being as follows: “The red line in the police concept would be reached at a maximum of 60 points. One point is given for minor offences such as theft. Ten points are due if the immigrant is punished with at least one year’s imprisonment for his offence. This can be a bodily injury or a drug offence. In the case of murder, 70 points would be entered.” Savor this slowly: People to whom our country grants protection and full provision at the expense of the general public should not be deported until they have committed 60 (!) thefts or have been incarcerated six times for one year? What does manslaughter cost? Probably less than murder, so no reason for deportation? This could then lead to dialogues like this: “Hey, Ali, what's up, you got your points full yet?” – “Nope, only 45, two rapes and five thefts, there's room for more” – “OK, I've only got 35. Look, that whore over there, let’s get her. Awesome country this...” Actually, that's no laughing matter, especially not for the victims of this lunacy that calls itself politics in Germany.

Domestically, the year 2018 was marked by two state elections, with quite different results. In Bavaria, the conservative camp consolidated with a total of about 60 percent for CSU, FW and AfD, while the SPD continued its path into insignificance, receiving only ten percent of the votes. Here one could rightly object that the CSU, especially in the federal government, is by no means pursuing a conservative policy, but is happily mucking around in the black, green and red mush, but that’s not how the voters out in the rural areas see things, at least until a very close encounter with some of the ‘guests’ invited by Merkel and Seehofer on an indefinite basis. The gains of the Greens were less than the losses of the SPD and are likely to be limited to disappointed SPD voters and city hipsters who, far removed from reality and ‘deprived areas’, celebrate the multicultural society and themselves.

The election result in the state of Hesse was far more depressing. Although the parties of the Grand Coalition were also clearly punished here with minus ten percent each, there is nothing to be seen of a conservative camp despite a respectable 13.1 percent for the AfD. As is well known, the Hesse CDU, which is devoted to Merkel, is forming a coalition with the ‘green’ abolitionists of Germany and can hardly be distinguished from them. Also, the Greens received almost 20 percent of the votes cast here, which can only be explained by the high proportion of naturalized migrants and an education system dominated by the cultural revolution of 1968. An employed vehicle owner who votes green is – depending on your vantage point – either a miracle or insane.

And then there was Chemnitz. Even for a community rife with political scandals like the Federal Republic, it’s a novelty that a Chancellor and her government spokesperson do not condemn a murder/killing of a native citizen, but untruthfully denounce the protests of the population against this bloody crime as “manhunts against foreigners”. After the responsible authorities (police, public prosecutor's office, Constitutional Protection Office) had denied the alleged ‘hunts’ and thus convicted the chancellor of lying, it was not the government spokesman and Merkel who had to vacate their position, but Hans-Georg Maaßen, the president of the Constitutional Protection Office who had disputed the official untruth. The witch hunt staged against Maaßen by Merkel, her red-green friends and the brought-into-line media is reminiscent of the darkest times in German history and ended, as expected, with the victory of the propaganda lie over the truth. Maaßen was sent into retirement and replaced by a compliant Merkel-Apparatschik named Thomas Haldenwang, who in the meantime has already announced, as ordered, that the AfD would be observed by the Constitutional Protection Office. Which also explains the purpose of the exercise: the transformation of allegedly non-partisan institutions and services into an instrument of repression by the government and the established parties.

Towards the end of the year there was also the discussion about the so-called ‘UN Migration Pact’, which once again highlighted the perfidy and hypocrisy of the Merkel government. Due to the CDU's internal resistance to this NWO concoction disadvantaging the native population of Western countries, the party leadership initiated a motion in the Bundestag in which, among other things, the Federal Government was called upon to ensure that the pact “does not impair Germany's national sovereignty and right to determine its own migration policy” and does not transfer any national sovereign rights; the motion was of course promptly accepted. It was clear to every critical observer, but not to the majority of parliamentarians, that the motion in question was mere window-dressing and had no legal clout whatsoever, which sheds a significant light on the qualifications within this legislative body. After the signing, Chancellor Merkel promptly declared that the allegedly non-binding pact was valid for all UN members after a two-thirds majority in a vote in the UN General Assembly: “That's just the way it is.” Mission accomplished.

Ingo Kramer, President of the Employers' Association, proved in December that the propaganda lie is not a privilege of politicians and their auxiliary media troops. He publicly announced in December, to the delight of the Merkel media, that the integration of the ‘refugees’ is progressing in leaps and bounds. The fact that the figures quoted by him as evidence arose purely from his own fantasy, was obviously a bearable blemish which, with only a few exceptions (Barbara John in the ‘Tagesspiegel’), was not discussed any further in the media. Note: Fake news that benefits the government is no such thing.

Finally, a note on the Relotius case, which is actually a ‘quality press’ case. The frequently used iceberg comparison is misleading, because in the case of an iceberg, about eleven percent protrudes above the water surface. However, the proportion of fake stories discovered to date is likely to be only a fraction of a thousandth of the actual volume. If all untruthful, manipulative, distorted and tendentious news and comments suddenly disappeared from the market, ‘Der Spiegel’, ‘Stern’ and Co would be pure advertising media and the ‘Tagesschau’ (the flagship news program of public broadcaster ARD) would be a weather forecast.

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on January 3rd 2019.

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