Vera Lengsfeld

Vera Lengsfeld, born in East Germany, was member of the German Bundestag, co-founder of the Citizen's Bureau for the Persecuted of the GDR Regime, winner of the 1990 Aachen Peace Prize.

Source: Mattis Kaminer / Never really went away: Hateful leftists in east Germany

Alleged ‘manhunts’ in Chemnitz:Antifa Dictates Government Stance

They led the Chancellor by a nose ring for all the world to see

Now we have it in black and white from the German Federal Government what was clear from the beginning to all independent analysts: there were no manhunts in Chemnitz last August. So it was fake news, no, a message of hate, which was launched into the world by none less than government spokesman Steffen Seibert and the Chancellor. If we still lived in a functioning constitutional state with independent media that critically accompany government actions, Merkel would have to resign as Chancellor and Seibert would have to lose his office as government spokesperson with immediate effect.

We are dealing with what is probably a unique case, leaving aside dictatorships, of a head of Government slandering her citizens in front of the whole world. All media in thrall to the government spread this slander instead of checking its truthfulness. The only source was an illegally obtained, manipulated cellphone video of ‘Antifa Zeckenbiss’ (‘tick bite’).

Even months after the event, when the website ‘Tichy's Einblick’ had long since obtained the original video, uncovered the manipulation and proved that the alleged chase was a reaction to the provocation by migrants of the participants in the funeral march for the murdered Daniel Hillig, the media insisted on the alleged manhunts. When a manhunt really did take place, in January in Amberg, Bavaria, it was the same journalists who had unquestioningly seen a ‘manhunt’ in the Antifa Zeckenbiss video, who now did not want to recognize as a manhunt a ‘beating spree’ in which four drunken thugs from Afghanistan and Iran, aged 17 to 19, injured twelve people. Of course, they do not explain what distinguishes a ‘beating spree’ from a manhunt.

A few days ago, Chancellor Merkel received a standing ovation in Harvard for her utterance “Do not call lies truth and do not call truth lies.” Her slogan was circulated and broadcast as one directed against President Trump. By doing that the Chancellor put herself to the test and failed. If Merkel were Pinocchio, she would now have to run around with a nose yards long. The scandal becomes even bigger when one has a look at the German government's answer to the AfD's parliamentary question. There it says that the “political denotations by the Federal Government” are “based” on media coverage. “This includes video recordings showing people from a group with the sentences ‘f * * off,’ ‘What d’you want, you ***?’ and ‘You’re not welcome!’ It mentions video recordings, although there is only one, the Zeckenbiss video snippet, to which the Federal Government and the media refer.

The answer continued: “The regional and national press subsequently reported that people with a migration background had been hunted down by people who had left the marches. Violence had been perpetrated against people whose appearance allowed the assumption of a migration background.” This is simply a continuation of the lie, because the regional press had reported the very opposite, namely that there had been no manhunts. The Chemnitz police and the public prosecutor's office said as much, and it was confirmed by the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. When Hans-Georg Maaßen, President of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, pointed out the doubtful nature of the Zeckenbiss video and also denied the existence of manhunts, he was dismissed.

Only the national media and the federal government claimed that there had been manhunts. They spread this false allegation contrary to the findings of local authorities and the local press. It was also irrelevant that, unlike in Amberg, there had been no injuries. Only later did interviews appear with migrants who claimed to have “run for their lives.” They were actors in an municipally sponsored drama project with “refugees.”

The left-wing terrorist Antifa managed to impose their view on the government. They led the Chancellor by a nose ring for all the world to see, and she is not even embarrassed. Chancellor Merkel does not want to apologize to the citizens of Chemnitz, who were slandered by her. Nevertheless, she will not escape her verdict in history.

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on June 9th 2019.

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