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Michael Klonovsky, born 1962 in East Germany, is an author and journalist. Under michael-klonovsky.de he keeps his own internet diary “Acta diurna”.

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European criticism of Trump:Loser Leaders and Carefree Rogues

Mass immigration will put an end to efficiency

Donald Trump has told a handful of European loser leaders that they are unable to protect their continent, neither from the small problem of Islamic terrorism nor from the much more serious problem of the seizure of land by Africans and people from the Middle East, and the assembled loser leaders are angry and have let their followers know through their claqueurs in all media channels. The fact that they place the illusory and secondary theme of climate policy into the foreground is as typical as Trump's response to it is appropriate; there is still no evidence that global warming is man-made, but there are plenty of examples in history demonstrating that civilizations are transformed or completely destroyed beyond recognition by migrations of peoples. Anyone playing down one problem and overstating the other reveals his dishonesty and does not deserve to be indulged. Markus Somm has said everything necessary on the subject in the "Basler Zeitung".

In this context, the direction from which the political wind will blow more strongly in the future is indicated by the missives from NGO spokespersons, who are now trying to persuade the good and gullible believers among the (western) Europeans or blackmailed them in their tried and tested way by suggesting that they are obliged to house and provide all-round care for millions of "climate refugees". For, apart from anything else, it is apparently their diabolical carbon emissions that have driven these poor people to flee. Even in this case, the argumentation is extremely dishonest, because when people starve in drought areas, and the population there explodes at the same time, the connection is obvious even to a schoolchild at the bottom of the class . The population of Africa has increased almost tenfold over the past century; it is not the climate that drives these people away, but the sheer mass of them. A German entrepreneur living in South Africa has suggested paying African women premiums if they choose to have only one child. Perhaps this is the most plausible way to solve the demographic problems of this continent. Europe, at any rate, will not be able to afford to do this and will at most be foolish enough to transform itself into a northern appendage of Africa with Levantine influence.

In any case, Mrs Merkel, childless and with no future, does not seem to be immune to such a development. According to current surveys, approval of her policies lies at 40 percent. Hitler did not have any more votes than this either, at least not as long as there were elections, and it is already hard to understand why leaders, who are shockingly disinterested in their people’s well-being and have in mind far "higher" things, can apparently reliably - at least repeatedly - meet with such approval rates from our people so predisposed to doom. While the generation that rebuilt this country after the war ends its existence on meagre pensions today, anyone who sets foot on German soil and has never done anything for the German community automatically acquires a right to basic services including having their family join them - as long as they do not come from a country from which politicians worth their salt would get their immigrants.

No, in order to be pampered by the asylum industry in Germany, one has to, if at all possible: be able to do nothing, not want to achieve anything, but demand a lot. A band of cheerful crooks collects the commission for diverting money earned by Germans to the future New Germans. Another bunch of cheerful crooks - overlaps are possible here - collects billions of euros from the EC levy from Germans, who have previously been talked into having a guilty conscience by these noble souls, for the financing of the so-called energy revolution. The immigrants and the euro rescue also cost billions. Add to that the zero interest rate, so that the savings deposits are also quickly devalued. Protests? Demonstrations? Uprisings? Oh, no. More and more imported criminals, more and more no-go areas, now and then a terrorist attack, but a tightening of gun laws and internet censorship for those who are German born, who are not supposed to believe that they can defend themselves. And the sad characters who allow all this to happen to themselves sneer at Trump.

German efficiency - Rolf Peter Sieferle has pointed out that Germany is by no means "rich", as is often claimed flatteringly , but merely efficient – is, at the same time, a curse. Not only because they attract envy, and parasites. Above all, it is the fact that their great goals can be exploited, and all kinds of running amok can happen, and this has to do with the fact that the political romantics and fundamentalist ideologues can always count on a sycophantic swarm of servile spirits and taxpayers, along with a large opportunistic posse of parroters , who can be plundered for the same purposes , instead of instigating a revolt and driving out the ideologists . After all, mass immigration will end this perverse mechanism by putting an end to its efficiency.

Translated from eigentümlich frei, where the original article was published on 30th May 2017.

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